Since August 2011 Anthony has been Full Professor of Economics at University of Ottawa. He also holds the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Environmental Economics (2011 – 2018, renewed for 2018 – 2025) and is a part-time research-only Professor of Economics at the University of Exeter Business School in England. From 1998 to 2011 he was Full Professor at the University of London (based at its Royal Holloway campus) where he also served spells as Head of Economics, Associate Dean and Acting Dean of the Faculty of History & Social Sciences (which included the School of Management), among other roles. He has also been a Research Professor at University of Sussex Business School and a Fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford.

Anthony has a BA (Cambridge – First Class Honours) and PhD (McGill) and is an environmental economist with wide-ranging interests in environmental policy and “business and the environment” issues. Recent research has focused on corporate social responsibility, regulatory design, behavioral economics applied to environmental problems,  formal analysis of NGOs, incentives for green innovation, enforcement, the economic analysis of environmental law and the implications of the natural environment for a variety of non-health outcomes (including workplace performance, investment behavior and economic growth). He makes extensive use of novel and ‘big data’ methods including social media metrics, stylometrics, multiple forms of satellite-derived data, sports data, Mechanical Turk, Q-method interviews, sentiment analysis etc..

Anthony was Co editor of Environmental & Resource Economics until 2017 and has been on the editorial boards of various journals** including the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management and the Journal of Regulatory Economics. He is or has been a Fellow of ENCORE, University of Amsterdam, Nuffield College, Oxford, an S.T. Lee Fellow at the University of Wellington, a Senior Research Fellow at UCL and a CARR Fellow at the LSE and an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

Outside academia Anthony has consulted and advised widely. He was for over a decade a member of the Advisory Panel of HM Department of Environment (and its successors). On economic evaluation he has provided advice or executive training to most parts of the UK government (HM Treasury, Home Office, Ministry of Justice, the Cabinet Office, Department of Health, Department for Transport, etc.) the OECD, European Commission, many private firms and non-profits.

Off-campus commitments vary year to year. In 2018 Anthony was Chair of the Province of Ontario’s Clean Technology Panel, and Chaired the SSHRC-CRSH Insight Grant Committee.


** Despite being listed as Editor-in-Chief on their website and in their mass e-mailings I have absolutely no association with the International Journal of Business & Management Studies (IJBMS) who adopted my name without my knowledge or agreement.